Designed on a purple chiffon fabric with bursts of eccentric yellow patterns, the Zaia Kaftan is an eye catching, show stopping piece. However, the aesthetics are not the only captivating feature. The kaftan can be worn in multiple ways. Watch the video on 3 Easy looks you can achieve.

Traditional Kaftan:

Drip like royalty in this timeless cut. Simply wear this over a solid color item in your closet and voila, you’re instantly transformed into a majestic queen.

Front Knot:

You’ll instantly get a new look simply by tying the front panels of the kaftan. This makes a great pairing with a dress pant or a midi skirt.

Hi-low Wrap: 

Want a tighter fit? Simple! Wrap the panels around your waist and let the back hang for a modern hi-low look.

Zaia Kaftan Hi-low wrap

The opportunities are endless with this design making it a BANG for your buck. Can you think of some other ways to wear the Zaia Kaftan? Submit your renditions to us via email

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