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When you think of the African nation Nigeria, what images pop in your mind? If you’ve never visited “Africa’s Giant” then your psyche has been influenced by media portrayal: poor, corrupt, violent, etc. Yes those attributes are true, but is there any place on earth without these flaws? There’s beauty, wealth, and growth flowing through the rivers and marching on the land of Nigeria. We’re here to show you that, yes, with clothes.

Behind our unique designs is a commitment to create an impact in the place where inspiration for our garments began. Since its inception, Besida has employed local tailors in Benin City, Nigeria to bring our designs to life. Why does this matter so much to us? In the age of appropriation without acknowledgement or appreciation, being a part of the building up of the community that founder Sophia O. grew up in feels full circle and ethical.

We are excited that last year, we acquired our first mini factory. This allows us to produce garments  in-house, instead of manufacturing at the tailors’ various shops. This year, we plan on installing solar-panels in order for the building to be completely solar-powered– decreasing our energy footprint and ensuring that production does not get halted by the all too common blackouts due to the Nigerian grid.

We are ever proud in the environment of fast fashion, to produce beautifully made styles that are ethically created. So know that for every order you’ve purchased, you’ve helped us to make history as a small, woman and black-owned business. We appreciate your support and look forward to many more moments we get to share fabulous styles with you!