Jirin, meaning watch patiently, alludes to the endurance we’ve all had to experience during these unprecedented times worldwide.

Marsha and Sabirah Oversized Shirt Dress


The Jirin collection along with all of our garments and accessories are made in Nigeria, the native home of Besida founder Sophia Danner-Okotie .

Like the name Besida, meaning destiny determines all, the name Jirin is also from the Itsekiri language.

“Patience is a virtue we all have to embrace in order to fully enjoy life. Part of how I’ve embraced the waiting process is by watching the process of things unfolding, instead of anticipating the big finale. This perspective shift helps me push through the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Take a stab at trying to pronounce the name Jiringho.




Afro Kimonos


Sisu and Tikshya Afro Kimono


Tikshya Afro Kimono 2

Tikshya Afro Kimono


Sophia sourcing the Odi Fabric in Oshodi Market, Lagos, Nigeria


From lounging in luxury, to vacation vibes, and even a night in the town, these Afro Kimonos are fit for many occasions. They feature oversized sleeves, contrast trim, side pockets and a traditional silhouette. Whether you like yours long or not so long, we’ve got you covered with two different lengths.


“Sourcing fabric is my absolute favorite part of the garment making journey. I don’t always get to visit the markets to make my choices, but with the Jirin collection, I took a trip to one of Lagos’ biggest markets.”

Unlike other collections, the new Spring/Summer 21 uses only 2 prints, the Odi and the JEO.




The New Halter Neck


Anah and Selima Dress

Anah and Selima Dress

These cross-neck, halter, sundress embodies elegance and comfort. They feature a side zipper for easy wear, pockets, and adjustable straps for a personalized fit.

Head Wraps


Odi Head Wrap

Odi Head Wrap

Add a royal touch to all your outfits with our luscious head wraps available in both the Odi and JEO print.






















The entire collection is available for pre-orders until April 9th. Shop the looks here