Nere Collection

A Blend of West African and Mediterranean Sensuality.

Warm sun rays and cool summer breezes motivate Besida’s latest release, The Nere Collection. The vibrant, colorful, and bold prints scream West African culture, while the gracious and elegant cuts are inspired by goddesses of the Mediterranean.

The Reesa

One look, and you’re in Tropical Paradise in this halter neck, ruffled maxi dress. It’s a great look for formal occasions, or whenever the heck you want to exude your royal persona. Crowns up!


Don’t get too distracted admiring this unique print. With fun layered sleeves and a self tie closure, this cheeky crop top styles you with a touch of sass. Match with the Mavonde Maxi Skirt for the total look

Zita Fourmidable

FourMidable’s quickly become a bestseller after we released them last August. Now, we want you to have it in the purest color on the wheel. Activate it’s magic when you shift it into four different looks.

Arista Baddoo

It’s an all white party in this Besida classic Baddoo dress. We’ve given you this dress in many prints over the years, but now we’re bringing it back in the most essential color in every girl’s wardrobe. Convert the cowl neck into a hoodie and leave onlookers with chills!

Ekin Formidable

One piece, four different styles. Besida’s FourMidable’s are truly magical and fit like a charm. The Ekin print gracefully emulates the brilliant, shimmering patterns of peacock feathers.


Wrap it up ladies! The skirt we mean. Besida’s classic maxi wrap skirts are just as fun as they are elegant. The Annona print flows effortlessly along the skirt’s A-Line cut. Match with the Annona Blouse for a two-piece set.

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