3 Style Tips For Matching Your Face Mask To Your Outfit

3 Style Tips For Matching Your Face Mask To Your Outfit

Now that cities are reopening and we are out in public more often, we have all been faced with an unforeseen sartorial challenge: matching our face masks to our outfits. With most states, cities and businesses making masks mandatory, this unlikely accessory has become the new normal. While it may not entirely be convenient to go around wearing something that covers our mouth and nose, it is crucial to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Luckily, pairing your face masks with your everyday outfits isn’t as difficult as you might think. Here are a few styling tricks that will help you do that without a hassle:

1. Pair Solids Colors with Prints

Outfits that are made of one color head to toe are easy to pull together, look luxurious regardless of the price of the individual pieces, and are incredibly flattering on everyone. When you wear a face mask with a print that has one common color, it adds to the chic vibe and makes you stand out in the crowd.

2. Match your mask to the rest of your accessories

There is no better way to make your outfit look cohesive than by matching your mask to the rest of the accessories. And if you think getting a mask that matches your accessories is too much to handle, you can always make things easier by getting Besida’s mask and headwrap sets. These sets, which come in an array of stunning prints, frame your face and also let your eyes do all the talking by highlighting your eye makeup.

3. Mix and match different prints

We just cannot get enough of mixing vibrant prints. Just as a skirt splashed with florals looks great with a similar print blouse, you can match, or rather clash, your African print face mask with outfits featuring other bold prints. But keep in mind that the look should not be chaotic and the only way to achieve that is to ensure that both the mask and your outfit is in the same color palette or has at least one common color.

Need African print face masks to match with your everyday outfits? Besida offers a unique selection of African style face masks that are available in various colors and prints.

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