5 Things To Do Before 2023

5 Things To Do Before 2023

Hey Queens! Here are five things you can do before the end of the year to help you start 2023 off on the right foot:

1. Clean out your closet

Take some time to go through your closet and donate any items that you no longer wear or that no longer fit. This will make room for new pieces and also boost your tax deductions.


2. Take some time for self-care

The end of the year can be a busy and stressful time, so make sure to prioritise self-care and give yourself the time and space to relax and recharge. This can help you start the new year feeling refreshed and tackle whatever comes your way.


3 Reflect on your relationships

The end of the year is a great time to reflect on your relationships and make sure that you are surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people. If there are any relationships that are no longer serving you, consider making a plan to address or end them in a healthy way.


4. Finish any outstanding tasks

 Before the year ends, make sure to tie up any loose ends and complete any tasks that you have been putting off. This might include completing any pending tasks at work, paying bills, or finishing up any projects you've been working on. Doing this will help you start the new year feeling organised and ready to tackle new challenges.


5. Experiment with new styles

The end of the year is a great time to try out new fashion trends and styles. Whether it's a bold pattern, an unexpected colour combination, or a silhouette that you haven't worn before, stepping outside of your comfort zone can be a fun and rewarding experience.

As you look to experiment with new styles, here are some fashion looks inspiration you can try for new year!

A bold, colourful ensemble

Try pairing our Flora Shirt Dress with a pair of mustard block heels and a statement bracelet for a bold and fun outfit.This will be perfect for brunch with the girls.



2.A romantic, bohemian vibe

 Layer a long sleeve white top over our Keeya reversible wrap skirt, and accessorise with a wide-brimmed hat and some chunky jewellery for a laid-back, bohemian look. This would be a perfect choice for a lunch date with your crush:)


3.A festive and colourful outfit

If you want to add some cheer to your new year's celebration, consider going for a more colourful and festive look. Our Zaia kaftan is the perfect piece for that with its bold patterns that bring out the celebration mood.

All these beautiful outfits are available for purchase at shopbesida.com.

Hurry while stocks last!

Happy holidays!

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I saw you on CBS this morning and was quite taken by all the beautiful garments you have created. I am looking forward to my first purchase from your shop. Thank you for going back to where the garments are made and giving back.


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