All Love Is Good Love Day

All Love Is Good Love Day

Feburary 14, 2019

I’m packing my bags. Soon, I’ll be dashing through the airport gates trying to catch my flight as usual. Later today, I’ll land in a city with palm trees, beach shores and much needed sunshine. Sounds like the makings of a perfect Valentine’s getaway weekend huh?

What if I told you it’s actually a work trip? And the closest i’ll get to a body of water is staring at the hotel pool from my room, where I’ll be working afterI get off work? Still sound romantic?

While my Valentine’s Day this year may not be consumed with the public display of affection that will inevitably bombard your social media timeline today, it is however filled with LOVE! After all, isn’t that what V-DAY is all about? (I’m obviously being sarcastic here, because by now we all know it’s a fabricated holiday popularized to get you to spend your dollars). I digress.

I wake up everyday in-love with this brand, this work, and the opportunities we’re providing men and women back home in Nigeria. I blush because of the love my team shows me, even when I get things wrong. I love the tingly feeling I get when I see customers wearing a Besida item. I cherish the love of friends and family who have held my hand through this uncertain path called entrepreneurship. Most of all, I continue to grow in God’s intimate love and affection.

So, whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, Another Excuse to Eat Chocoalate Day, or National Single’s Awareness Day, I hope at the center of February 14th, is LOVE! Reflect on the love that surrounds you. Make sure you honor the love you have for your passions. Don’t wait to be shown love today, but instead, pull it from within.

Xoxo- Sophia.

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