Besida's Rume Convertible Styled by Our Silver Lady - Sarah Villery

Besida's Rume Convertible Styled by Our Silver Lady - Sarah Villery

We've got a story to share today that revolves around the incredible Sarah Villery. She's rewriting the rules of fashion and proving that age is just a number for style. Moreover, she's doing it with absolute grace while wearing the stunning Rume Dress from Besida.

Sarah Villery - The Ageless Style Maven

Let's re-introduce you to Sarah!. She's not just into fashion; she's owning it with confidence. One standout moment we can't get enough of is how she creatively transforms a gown into a skirt from Besida. She breathes new life into the outfit by simply untying the belt and draping the skirt piece around her waist. This dress has a striking yellow background with bold red and blue crossings, creating a look that is as bold and as beautiful. It's a masterclass in versatility and style.


The Rume Wrap Skirt - A Splash of Color and Versatility

Now, let's talk about the star of the show - the Rume Wrap Skirt. Imagine a skirt that's like a canvas of color, with its yellow backdrop and the eye-catching red and blue crisscross patterns that make it pop. It's a piece that not only exudes style but also radiates vibrancy and energy.

But what's even more remarkable is its versatility. It's not just a skirt; it's a canvas for your style.

Watch as Sarah transforms this skirt into a dress!


The Rume Wrap Blouse and Pants



Sarah's passion for fashion and her flair for showcasing Besida's designs has made her an icon and her timeless elegance perfectly complements the Rume pieces. She proves that age is no barrier when redefining your style and embracing unique fashion choices.

You also can't help but notice Sarah's stunning silver hair. It's not just a hairstyle; it's a statement of confidence, wisdom, and authenticity. Her silver hair beautifully complements the vibrancy of the Rume pieces and makes her an even more inspiring figure in fashion.

Fireside Chat with Sarah Villery

We had a lovely chat with Sarah about the pieces she received and here's what she had to say:

  • What do you think about the Rume prints?
    I love the prints. The colors can go with just about everything. So unique.

  • What strikes you the most about the designs? 
    The versatility of the of the pieces are amazing. There are so many different ways you can wear them. 

  • What do you think about the material texture/feel?
    The material is perfect. It flows so beautifully. It feels so nice on your skin. It’s so soft and it breathes so well. 

  • What's your favorite Besida design so far and why?
    My favorite Besida design so far is the Rume skirt because of the versatility, multi-functional, texture and style. 

Join us in celebrating fashion that's both vibrant and convenient. Because, after all, why should style be limited by age when it can be limitless? Here's to you, ageless beauties!

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