Celebrating 8 Years of African Print Fashion with Special Offers: A Journey of Besida

Celebrating 8 Years of African Print Fashion with Special Offers: A Journey of Besida

With unwavering determination and a firm commitment to ethical values, sustainability, and cultural representation, Besida has woven an indelible tapestry that connects the African diaspora to its roots in Benin City, Nigeria and on the 31st of July, 2023, she will be celebrating her 8 years of Existence. As Besida marks this momentous 8th anniversary, let’s take a moment to reflect on the brand's inspiring journey in African print fashion. 


From Humble Beginnings to Global Acclaim: A Fashion Odyssey

Besida's journey began in 2015 when the Founder, Sophia Danner-Okotie identified a need for ready-to-wear clothing that celebrated African heritage and empowered women. Starting from Nigeria, the brand has steadily expanded its reach, resonating with customers worldwide. Today, Besida stands tall as a proud ambassador of African culture, leaving an indelible mark on the fashion industry. 

Recognition by Prominent Voices

Over the years, Besida's remarkable journey has captured the attention of the fashion and media industry on a global scale. On February 15th, 2023, Sophia Danner-Okotie was invited to share her inspiring story on "CBS Mornings." During the segment titled "Changing the Game," she discussed her vision of creating a sustainable clothing line that not only honors her African heritage but also empowers people in her hometown of Nigeria with valuable job opportunities.

Besida's prominence extends beyond television appearances. The brand has earned prestigious features in renowned publications such as Vogue in 2020, Essence in 2022, Forbes Under 30 in 2021, Women's Wear Daily - WWD in 2022, StitchFix in 2022, and Ebony in 2020. These accolades solidify Besida's standing as a true pioneer in the realm of African print fashion. The recognition it has garnered serves as a testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to excellence, creativity, and the preservation of cultural heritage.

Celebrating Cultural Significance Through Unique Designs.

Besida's creations are an exquisite fusion of tradition and modernity. Each piece tells a unique story of African craftsmanship and cultural significance, from versatile tops like dusters and kimonos to elegant Ankara dresses and fabric headwear. These designs not only represent a beloved homeland but also embolden wearers to express their individuality with pride. Besida's commitment to ethical fashion is deeply woven into its fabric. The brand's emphasis on fair trade values ensures that each garment is ethically sourced, empowering skilled local tailors in Benin City. As Besida forges ahead, it further solidifies its dedication to sustainability, with plans to transition to partial solar-powered production by 2023. This focus on ethical practices resonates with customers who seek fashion with a conscience.

Beyond being a fashion brand, Besida serves as a bridge between cultures. Her Afrocentric designs foster a sense of belonging and appreciation for African heritage among its diverse clientele. Through Besida's garments, customers across continents can proudly represent their roots, forming a strong and loyal community united by a shared appreciation for cultural diversity.

Featuring The BestSellers

On this special anniversary, we unveil some of our bestsellers that have captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts everywhere. 

The Multifunctional and Stylish Onalenna FourMiddle Multi-way Top and Skirt:


Onalenna FourMidable Multi-way Top and Skirt Onalenna FourMidable Multi-Way Top and Skirt


This elegant ensemble is a true wardrobe essential, effortlessly transitioning from day to night, and from casual to formal occasions. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this masterpiece offers endless styling possibilities, making it a go-to choice for the modern woman on the go. You can wear it as a chic halter-neck dress for an evening soiree, transform it into an alluring one-shoulder outfit, or even create a captivating cross-front look - the possibilities are as boundless as your imagination. The Onalenna FourMiddle Multi-way top and skirt is a testament to Besida's commitment to combining style and functionality in one stunning piece.


The Versatile Keeya Reversible Wrap Skirt and Blouse:

Keeya Reversible Skirt and Blouse

These pieces were made with precision and adorned with eye-catching prints to offer two looks in one, perfect for expressing your unique style. The wrap skirt can be styled as a high-waisted or low-waisted piece, allowing you to create looks that complement any occasion. Paired with the matching reversible blouse, this ensemble is perfect for those seeking to make a bold and versatile fashion statement. Whether you choose to showcase the captivating African prints or embrace the understated elegance of solid colors, the Keeya Reversible Wrap Skirt and blouse is the epitome of Besida's commitment to creating dynamic and adaptable fashion.


The Trendy Mpho Pants


Mpho Pants


Crafted with a flattering silhouette and adorned with captivating patterns, these pants are a celebration of modern elegance. Perfectly tailored to embrace your curves while offering utmost comfort, the Mpho pants effortlessly transition from office attire to evening glamour. You can pair them with a crisp blouse and blazer for a polished professional look, or opt for a flowing tunic and statement accessories for a chic and glamorous ensemble. The Mpho pants stand as a testament to Besida's commitment to timeless designs that transcend fashion trends and embrace the essence of enduring style.


Special Offer: Rewarding your Loyalty with Besida's Royalty Rewards!

Still, in the spirit of celebration, we are introducing our latest offering - Besida's Royalty Rewards Program! It's our way of expressing gratitude and rewarding the loyalty of our incredible community of customers who have been with us throughout this incredible journey by giving you an opportunity to shop your most desired Besida Dresses. For those who have made orders this year, we want you to know that you are not left out. As a token of our appreciation, we are offering exclusive store credits that you can use towards your future purchases. 

But that's not all! We are offering an incredible 25% discount across our website. It's the perfect opportunity to explore ALL our wide range of handcrafted garments, like the featured Onalenna FourMiddle Multi-way top and skirt, the Keeya Reversible Wrap Skirt and blouse, and the trendy Mpho pants.

How to Become a Royalty!

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Reward Tiers

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  • Tier 3: Kingdom: 10 Points per $ spent
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How to Earn Non-Purchase Points

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  • Free Shipping For Loyalty Members
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We invite you to Join the Royal Family - “Besida’s Royalty Program” and enjoy the chance to own the finest pieces from Besida's renowned collection.

As we celebrate 8 years of Besida's impactful journey, we are reminded of the power of fashion to connect, empower, and inspire. Sophia Danner-Okotie's vision has transformed Besida into a brand that celebrates African heritage and embodies ethical and sustainable fashion practices.

With each handcrafted garment, Besida sews together the threads of cultural significance, leaving an indelible mark on the fashion world. As we look ahead, we eagerly anticipate the brand's continued success in empowering cultural threads and weaving destinies of pride, unity, and appreciation.
Here's to Besida and its journey of excellence in African print fashion. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

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