Four Successful People Who Started Their Careers Late

Four Successful People Who Started Their Careers Late

It's never too late to restart your career. Here are four successful people who you may know who started their career late. Watch this inspiring video from our Founder, Sophia Danner-Okotie

Vera Wang, who you may know for her famous bridal gowns, didn't launch her brand until she was 40 years old. Prior to that, she worked for Vogue and Ralph Lauren. 

Toni Morrison, famous author, and Pulitzer Prize winner wrote some very well known books including Beloved, and Song of Solomon. Did you know that she didn't publish her first book The Bluest Eye until she was 39. Prior to that she worked as an editor.

Colonel Sanders, founder of the worlds largest fried chicken franchise, Kentucky Fried Chicken, began franchising KFC when he was 65 years old.

Nancy Pelosi, congresswoman and former Speaker of The House, did not assume a seat in congress until she was 47 years old. Prior to that she was a housewife raising five children.

At Besida, we are inspired by fashion models who are beginning their careers late. Our Brand Ambassadors Mia Rumph and Sarah Villery both kicked off their modeling careers in their 50's. These two ladies are living out their dreams.

Sarah Villery Wearing The Rume Blouse and Rume Pants

Mia Rumph Wearing The Flora Reversible Skirt and Blouse Set

The Fea Afrobe

Mia Rumph wearing the Fea African Print Afrobe

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