Somalia Famine Crisis Relief

Giving Tuesday: Famine Relief In The Horn Of Africa

If you don't already know, there is a deadly famine threatening the lives of Millions in the eastern countries of Africa. Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia have been hit the worst. 

Here's an article on CNN about the crisis. 

Besida is joining in the fight against this deadly plague. From Giving Tuesday, 11/29- 12/4, we will donate a portion of our sales organizations who are actively fighting this famine. 

Photo Courtesy of CARE/ Georgina Goodwin

Here's how it will work. When you purchase a Besida garment, we will contact you directly letting you know how much of your sale we're donating, and let you know what organization we're donating it to.

If you will like to donate directly to an organization, here is a list of foundations that we have vetted.


World Food Program


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