Headbands Are Back: Here Are 5 Tips To Wear Them With Your Everyday Spring Outfits

Headbands Are Back: Here Are 5 Tips To Wear Them With Your Everyday Spring Outfits

We’ve all been there: You spend hours trying to put together the perfect outfit, only to realize that the final look is still missing a little something. If it was winter, you could have thrown on a blazer or a statement scarf and called it a day, but summer calls for something different. This is when the humble headband comes in. While headbands are mostly associated with peppy school girl fashion and Gossip Girl, they are a versatile accessory that can elevate even the most basic looks. Yes, they may be a small part of the overall look but they sure pack a punch. You can wear them with jeans, dresses, sweatsuits, and even your business wear. And with the endless barrage of street-style photos of celebrities rocking this trend, we certainly aren’t lacking any inspiration.

Here are a few tips to wear your headband like fashion pro:

  1. Do not overthinkThe best thing about headbands is that you don’t need to put much thought into how you will style them. They will go with virtually everything in your wardrobe and you can wear them on any occasion, whether it is a casual day out or a night out on town. The fact that they pair well with simple outfits makes them a must-have.
  2. Add color to a neutral lookIf you are looking for a way to add a pop of color to a neutral look or a monochrome look, there is nothing quite like a colorful headband. You can also use your headband to dress up your casual outfits. When you just have a t-shirt and jeans on, a headband is that small addition that can instantly lift up the look and make it look more put together.
  3. Match with other accessoriesMatching your accessories is an easy way to spice up your outfits. Today, masks have become such an integral part of our looks, so why not match your headband to your mask? At Besida, you can choose from our criss cross headbands and masks, which are crafted from fabrics with similar patterns and prints.
  4. Take inspiration from your style iconsNeed some help with wearing your headband? Put your Instagram scrolling to good use and take some style inspiration from the celebrities and bloggers. Sometimes, it can help you spruce up looks that would otherwise feel too boring or monotonous.
  5. Give your workwear a vibrant twistIf you thought headbands cannot be paired with workwear, you couldn’t be more wrong. Wear your headband with your work-appropriate suit and watch it go from structured and strict to casual and street-ready in no time.

Don’t already have headbands in your closet? Don’t worry because we have you covered. Shop for women’s criss cross headbands in a wide assortment of colors, prints, and patterns, only at Besida.

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