How to be Grateful: A Pre-Thanksgiving Guide

How to be Grateful: A Pre-Thanksgiving Guide

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, and that means it's time to start thinking about what you're grateful for. It's easy to get caught up in the rush of the holiday season, but if you take a few minutes each day to reflect on the things you're thankful for, you'll be able to enter into the holidays with a grateful heart.

In this post, we'll share some tips for how to be grateful, so whether you're looking to get into the spirit of Thanksgiving or simply want to find a way to be more grateful every day, this post is for you.

The Power of Gratitude

It's that time of year again: the leaves are changing color, the air is getting cooler, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. 

What does it mean to be grateful? 

Why should we bother to be grateful? 

Science has shown that gratitude has some pretty powerful effects on our lives. For one thing, it can make us happier. Researchers at the University of California found that people who kept gratitude journals on a weekly basis were 25% happier than those who didn't.

Gratitude also has a way of making us more resilient. In times of stress or adversity, being grateful can help us stay positive and focused on the good things in our lives. It can also help us maintain healthier relationships by increasing our sense of social connectedness.

Things You Can Be Grateful For:

  1. The roof over your head

  2. The food you have to eat

  3. The clothes you're wearing

  4. The bed you're sleeping in

  5. The people who love you

  6. Your health

  7. The roof over your head (again)

Importance of Gratitude in Business

It's important to be grateful in your personal life, and it's just as important to be grateful in your business life.

When you're grateful, you're more positive. And when you're more positive, you're more productive. You're also more likely to be creative and come up with new ideas.

Gratitude also helps you connect with other people including your customers or co-workers because it opens up the door for a two-way street of communication. People feel appreciated when they're thanked, and they're more likely to want to help out the person who showed appreciation or return to buy more from them.

Last but not least, gratitude helps you stay focused on what's important. It can be easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day stresses of work, but when you focus on the things you're grateful for, it puts everything into perspective.

Showing Gratitude to Others:

One of my favorites is through small gestures.

For example, you could drop a note in your colleague's locker, thanking her for covering your shift last minute. You can add a “Thank You” card into your customers' package Or you could pick up the tab for the person behind you in line at Starbucks. It might seem like a small thing, but those little moments can mean a lot.

Additionally, show your grateful state of mind through thanksgiving gifts. These don't have to be big, expensive gift a simple handwritten note or a small gift can show how much you appreciate someone. Gift ideas you can consider are unique items such as our ethical apparels from Nigeria, free gift to customers and price slashes off certain products.

Another way to show gratitude is by being present with the people around you. Listen intently when they're talking, and make eye contact. Let them know that you value them and their time.

Most importantly, don't forget to say thank you! A genuine thank-you can go a long way.

Tips for Entering Into a Season of Gratefulness

  1. Make a list of things you're grateful for. This can be anything from your health and your family to your home and your job (You can take a cue from the list above). The more specific you are, the better.

  2. Write down a blessing for each day. This is a great way to keep track of all the good things that happen in your life, even the small ones.

  3. Spend time with people who make you feel good. Surrounding yourself with positive people is one of the best ways to feel positive.

  4. Meditate or pray. Taking some time out each day to connect with your Higher Power can help you stay centered and focused on what's important.

  5. Be present in the moment. This is probably the most important tip of all. When you're fully focused on what's happening right now, you're able to appreciate life more fully.


This holiday is all about giving thanks for what we have, and it's a great time to start thinking about how to be more grateful throughout the year.

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all the good in your life, and it's also a time to start looking ahead to the coming year. Use this time to set some goals for yourself, and start thinking about how you can be more grateful.

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