Living Out Ur Dreams Through your Outfits

Living Out Ur Dreams Through your Outfits

We totally get it – we've all had those moments standing in front of our closet, staring at our clothes, and thinking, "What on earth should I wear today that truly reflects who I am?" Or maybe you've sighed and said, "Why is it such a struggle to find clothes that make me feel confident and align with my style?"

If you have ever asked yourself these questions, well, you're not alone, and we've got something exciting to talk about that might just be the answer to those dilemmas. 

Say hello to LOUD!

Why LOUD? Because We Get You.

You see, how we dress often reflects what's deep within us. Our style is like a language, quietly telling the world who we are and what we stand for. That motivation led us at Besida to select Adire for the LOUD Collection due to its heritage and the way it can harmoniously entwine with your dreams. Adire isn't just fabric; it's a piece of Nigeria's rich cultural heritage. It's like a magnificent tapestry that carries the stories of generations, pays tribute to the resilience of the Nigerian people, and joyously celebrates their artistic brilliance.

To get in tuned with Adire, stay tuned for our next post.


Living Out Ur Dreams - LOUD

We've all been on a quest for those special pieces that make us look good and feel amazing, and LOUD is here to make that quest a whole lot easier. The LOUD collection is  wearable works of art infused with Nigeria's history and the spirit of dreamers like you. It's about finding your unique voice, proudly wearing your roots, and stepping into your dreams with confidence and style. At such, LOUD isn't your run-of-the-mill clothing collection; it's like a breath of fresh air in fashion. It's all about empowerment and turning your fashion dreams into reality. 


How to be LOUD

Start by Rocking any piece from the collection.

Ala Orange Bubu Kaftan Dress and Dreams Green Bubu Kaftan Dress: 

Looks simple yet elegant, featuring a center ring detailing that creates a gather effect. Available in Green and Orange.

Nro Orange Afrobe:

A classic Besida Afrobe with a mix of prints. The body of the garment is one print, and the trim is another. Available in Green and Orange.

Dreams Jumpant and Ala Jumpant:

These versatile wrap pants can also be worn as a jumpsuit. It's our premiere multi-way garment.

Nro Green Shorts:

Featuring an elastic waistband and side pockets. Available in Green Nro print and Orange Dreams Print.

Africa Africa Africa Shirt:

Hand-dyed twist on a graphic Tee. It's also the most affordable item in the collection, and proceeds go toward the Horn of Africa famine.

Africa Africa Africa Picnic Blanket:

This printed cloth is perfect for picnics, as a beach cover-up, and transforms effortlessly into a bag. Proceeds also go toward famine relief in the Horn of Africa.

These pieces are just a glimpse of the magic of Besida’s LOUD creation. To make a fashion statement, express your uniqueness, and wear your dreams proudly, head on to Besida here. Remember to check out our blog about the Adire Prints, it is a separate post dedicated to this art and such a fascinating read!

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