Re-introduing Besida: African Garments with a Purpose

Re-introduing Besida: African Garments with a Purpose

Hey Queens!

We would love to re-introduce Besida to you. We love celebrating the beauty of African craftsmanship and creativity. And part of our goal is to impact our communities by providing you with fashionable, sustainable and high-quality clothing. Here are some facts about Besdia you may not know about:

Black Female-owned:

By supporting our brand, you are supporting a black female-owned business. Besida is owned by Sophia Danner-Okotie, a Nigerian native who happy to create styles in her hometown where she can support the local workforce of talented tailors. And your support contributes to the artisans and tailors in Nigeria who work hard to bring Besida's garments to life. 

That is why at Besida, we infuse our culture and our heritage into our designs. Our heritage is an integral part of who we are and our brand story. Click here to learn more about us.

Ethical Fashion:

While being ethically made in Nigeria, our tailors and artisans are paid above the minimum living wages, ensuring their livelihoods are taken care of while creating beautiful pieces that our clients will treasure for years to come. We also work hard to ensure that our manufacturing process is fair and sustainable.

Giving Back to Society:

Fashion can be a force for good. That is why we are not only passionate about providing you with quality and ethical fashion, but we also care about giving back to our community.

Part of the role we play is donating a percentage of our profits to to famine relief in the Horn of Africa. We belive that everyone has the right to necessities like food, water, and shelter.

Multi-way Garments:

One of our most popular pieces is our multi-way garments. These versatile, multi-functional garments can be worn in different ways. For example, the Onalenna FourMidable Multi-Way Top And Skirt can be worn in four difference ways - as a cape, a tube blouse, an asymmetrical blouse, and a skirt.

Need styling tips? Check out this video

We also have the Keeya Reversible Wrap Skirt which can be worn in four ways - as a skirt and a dress, on either sides.

Need a style inspo? Checkout this video below:

Click on here to shop our Multi-way Garments

Now you're all caught up! 

Thank you for your continued support. Visit our website and find your perfect outfit. We cannot wait to see how you style our garments!


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