The Everyday Woman's Adventure: A Chat with Besida's Ambassador, Stefany Hernandez (Travel Maven)

The Everyday Woman's Adventure: A Chat with Besida's Ambassador, Stefany Hernandez (Travel Maven)

Have you ever been caught in that moment where you find that one dress you love but wearing it again so soon and in the same way?

Nah, too predictable. We're not about that life. 

But what if I told you that you can rock the same dress in different styles, leaving everyone thinking your closet is an endless wonderland? Just because Besida gets you.

Recently, we caught up with Stefany Hernandez, a travel-loving content creator. Clad in our vibrant Rume print, Stefany effortlessly blends the beauty of travel with the bold and fierce essence of Besida.

She spilled the beans on why she's head over heels for Besida's Rume print. 

Besida: What do you think about the Rume prints?

Stefany: I am in love with the Rume print. It gives me tropical, fun, and bold vibes

Besida: That's beautiful! What strikes you the most about the designs?

Stefany: What I love the most about the designs is how versatile they are. I can pair it together as a set, I can pair it with other pieces that I have in my closet, and I can also wear the skirt on its own as a dress.

Besida: Sounds like a game-changer. So Stefany, what do you think about the material texture/feel?

Stefany: The material is comfortable, breathable, and luxe. It’s perfect for your next vacation!

Besida: Comfort is key, right?! What's your favorite Besida design so far and why?

Stefany: favorite Besida design so far is the wrap blouse. I love how I can wear the blouse as a more covered up professional look and how I am able to transform it into a more casual and fun open top by changing the way it wraps.

Besida: Thank you for sharing these with us, before we wrap up, do up have any additional comments you'd like to add?

Stefany: I can't wait to continue to wear Besida around the world during my travels! 

Besida: Exciting Plans!!! We are happy to be part of your adventure. 

Stefany's anticipation echoes the sentiment of every Besida wearer – a desire to explore the world with confidence and style.

So, here's to Besida – the brand that gets us, the everyday adventurers. Whether you're navigating office chaos, exploring new cities, or just sipping coffee on a lazy Sunday, Besida has got your back. Check out the Rume print and more at www.shopbesida.comConsider Besida your friendly wardrobe wingwoman, keeping it real for the everyday woman.




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