Thieves Broke Into Our Workshop. Here's How We're Doing.

Thieves Broke Into Our Workshop. Here's How We're Doing.

As I mentally try to pick up the pieces, I think back on the journey I’ve had with Besida. This is my 8th year in business, although it feels like I just started yesterday. I’ve experienced lots of pitfalls along this way, but this one is unique. 

When I found out thieves broke into our workshop in Benin during the early morning hours of November, 30, I was so busy working on an assignment that I couldn’t grasp the gravity of what my manager Christy was telling me. I was in Atlanta and she was in Nigeria, so she had to do her best to explain what she was seeing. 

In a video highlighting the damage, Christy revealed, "This is the gate key, they broke it." She went on to explain the items that were taken by the thieves. Among them were the generator we rely on for electricity during frequent blackouts, an iron, and, perhaps most devastatingly, all of our hand-dyed fabric for our highly-anticipated collection scheduled for release in mid-December.

The thieves were ruthless. They came in through the back of the shop, cut the burglar proof railings, and entered our workshop.

The next day, as I began processing the details, I felt a sense of doom. “Why us? Why now? What did we do to deserve this? Is this an inside job?” 

These thoughts lingered in my head for what seemed like an eternity. Each day, they weighed me down, making it harder to escape from the sadness that engulfed me. But slowly, I started to find my way out of this despondent state. I began to reflect on how much worse things could have been. Yes, they had managed to escape with a lot of our possessions, but at least nobody was physically harmed. Our beloved sewing machines were spared, and our workshop was not completely destroyed. It was clear that this was the devil's attempt to steal my joy and crush my spirit. 

I shared this story with my followers on Instagram asking my followers to pray.  I received this encouraging word from one of my supporters Toni. “Everyone was covered and safe which assures you that the enemy can’t get to you only through things around you. All storms have sunshine on the other side, so something bigger, greater, and divine is about to happen.”

As believers in Christ, we endure the most challenges, even when we’re doing the work God calls us to. But as long as we’re standing, and als long as we have breath in our lungs, we don’t get to quit. I assure you that Besida will rise from this. 

As for the workshop, I have paused all work pending the investigation by authorities and as we proceed to dye a new set of fabrics. I ask that you keep us in your prayers this season. I will keep you all updated with any developments.

-Xoxo, Sophia

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God Bless You!!! I truly hope you can replace everything and continue your business. Stay strong. This too shall pass. Things will get better. Do not look back. Keep moving forward. Its a process. It will only make you stronger and wiser, assets that money cannot buy. Stay on track and continue your journey with hope for the best and pride of who you are and who you are becoming. All the best to you!!


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