Why Winning The AFROPUNK + Shopify Black Fashion Accelerator Is Emotional For Me

Why Winning The AFROPUNK + Shopify Black Fashion Accelerator Is Emotional For Me

New Year. New Wins.

I am so blessed to kick off 2022 with a journey I sincerely believe will propel Besida and supercharge our success. I am beaming with joy to be one of the nine founders selected to participate in the AfroPunk & Shopify Black Fashion Accelerator, a six-month entrepreneurship training and coaching program designed to level up my business and supercharge success!

It started with a disappointment. 

Let me tell you, this opportunity is beyond divine. Back in September, I began the process of rebuilding Besida’s website. I contracted a designer/developer for the work. Long story short, he failed me and ran off with the money I paid.

In November, I shared my problems with the company I contracted for our SEO marketing. Julia, the owner Magnify told me her team could help out, however her price point was much higher than my budget, and she recommended I migrate to the Shopify platform. Shopbesida.com currently uses WordPress.

God Used Others

This was around the time my dear friend and loyal customer Zuri Hawkins shared the information of the grant with me. God really used her to nudge me because I saw  the program posted on a page I follow a few days before Zuri sent it to me. I had no intentions on applying because I wanted to rebuild on the WordPress platform. However, after the humbling experience with dealing with the developer, I was open to a new plan.


What’s so beautiful about this journey is the wonderful restorative power of God. I felt like I was losing when the original developer played me. Now I recognize it was all a set up for God to show out.

Not only does this grant money pay for the new website entirely, it provides me with priceless mentorship that will scale Besida’s e-commerce business arm.  I’m happy to learn and work with a wonderful cohort of amazing Black designers.

Stay tuned. In the next couple of months, Besida will have a new virtual home!

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