Women's History Month Highlight: Mia Rumph

Women's History Month Highlight: Mia Rumph

Meet Mia Rumph, Besida's newest model

March is the month to celebrate women's achievements, and what better way to do that than by shining the spotlight on the incredible Mia Rumph. She is a ball of energy who spreads her good vibes proving that age is just a number and that women can be tech-savvy, stylish, and confident at any age. 

At  51 years old, Mia is a fashion icon who defies stereotypes about aging and fashion. She has over 100,000 followers on Instagram, where she showcases her amazing style, beauty, and poise. Her outfits are effortlessly chic, and her confidence shines through the screen. We consider her Instagram feed a visual treat. 

What we love about Mia's style is her ability to mix classic pieces with modern trends. She's not afraid to experiment with colours, patterns, and textures, creating unique outfits that showcase her personality and creativity. 

Mia styled some of Besida's pieces to perfection like the Fea Afrobe which she paired the with a white bodycon dress for a stylish, yet relaxed look. 

The Flora Cowl Neck Dress is another favorite of ours, which she dressed up with minimal accessories and strappy heels for an elegant look.

Mia also looks stunning in our  Flora Reversible wrap skirt and blouse. The dress has a deep V-neckline and a bold floral print on one side, and a classic red on the other. It's made with a soft, stretchy fabric that's both comfortable and flattering. 

Mia Rumph proves that style knows no age limit. She's confident, vibrant, and always pushing boundaries with her fashion choices. Her bold and daring style has earned her a loyal following, and she's become a role model for women of all ages. Her fashion choices inspire us all to embrace our individuality and age gracefully. As part of Women's History Month, let's celebrate the incredible women who continue to inspire us every day.

Follow Mia Rumph on Instagram for more 50+ style inspiration and fashion tips.

Fashion is a way to express ourselves, and we should wear what makes us happy, regardless of age or others' opinions. It's never too late to embrace our unique style and express ourselves through fashion. If you're looking for stylish and timeless pieces, head over to shopbesida.com and check out our collection of African-inspired fashion.


Lovely just beautiful

Mary Mason

Your new model is lovely and I thank you for representing ALL of us ladies with your gorgeous products! I can’t wait to buy my own Besida pieces! Well done!!


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